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Coast to Coast AM topics

December 27, 2007

Welcome to Bad Astronomy!

This page has images and links that George Noory and I discussed on the Coast to Coast AM radio show on Thursday night, December 27, 2007.

If you are curious about the other times I have been on C2C, then you can read the pages I wrote for my appearances on July 29, 2005, December 22, 2004, July 5, 2004, February 26, 2004, and November 15, 2003.

Every year, I pick the Top Ten Astronomy Pictures from the previous year. This year's picks are on my blog. I also have a list of the Runners-up.

There is a low but higher-than-usual probability that Mars will get smacked by a small asteroid on January 30 of 2008. Also, it's not clear what the odds of impact really are right now!

Speaking of impacts, new research indicates that the Tunguska impactor may have been smaller than previously thought. It's not that much smaller -- maybe 70% of the original size once thought -- but it does mean that stastically we get hit more often by those kinds of impacts then we used to think.

I am of the opinion that the Star of Bethlehem is nothing more than a legend. I am so far unswayed by the arguments that it was a real astronomical event.

Vote for your favorite Saturn image!

You can discuss astronomical events, news, and ideas on the Bad Astronomy and Universe Today bulletin board.

The Chinese Moon probe Chang'e-1 returned images of the Moon that some folks claim were faked. However, subsequent sleuthing showed the images were real, just not processed correctly.

A very cool project allows people to classify galaxies from a sky survey. However, the first results from this project indicate that there are more spiral galaxies spinning counterclockwise than clockwise! This is totally weird, and we're trying to figure it out.

Hubblesite has information on the last Hubble Servicing Mission, scheduled for August 2008. They will install two new cameras as well as lots of other equipment needed to keep Hubble healthy and working.

Remember: the Universe is wonderful enough without having to make up nonsense about it.

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