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The Amazing Meeting Pictures

Below are some pictures I took at the Amazing Meeting Jan/Feb, 2003. If you don't know what The Amazing Meeting is, then read my page about it first!

Andrew Harter Andrew Harter, JREF guy Hal Bidlack Hal Bidlack, as Alexander Hamilton
Dan Garvin Dan Garvin escaped Scientology, and told an amazing tale of it. This shirt cracked me up. Girl6 Girl6, aka Maira Benjamin, talking about the Forum
Girl6 and magician Girl6 being amazed by a magician Randi and me Randi and me, right after we met the night before things started
Jerry Andrus 1 Magician, tinkerer and all-around cool guy Jerry Andrus. Note the illusion; his arm is held straight. Jerry Andrus 2 More of Jerry Andrus' illusion
Jack Horkheimer and me Stargazer Jack Horkheimer yucking it up with me Michael Shermer and Jerry Andrus Noted skeptic Michael Shermer and Jerry Andrus
Me giving my Planet X talk Yours truly, during my talk debunking Planet X Me giving my Planet X talk Another shot of me during my talk
Randi after my talk Randi about to present me with a plaque right after my talk Randi at breakfast Randi expounding at breakfast
Girl6 and Randi Girl6 and Randi, as she gave him a present from the JREF Forum Randi and Girl6 Randi and Girl6 as he opens his present
Randi and Girl6 again Randi and Girl6 Randi and Girl6 again Randi and Girl6
Randi posing with gift Randi posing with his presents (the scarf is a Moebius strip, and the hat a Klein bottle!) Randi and Linda Randi and Linda Shallenberger (JREF coordinator) after getting their presents
Randi playing tricks Randi dazzling the crowd with a card trick Randi playing tricks The crowd's reaction
Randi playing more tricks Randi did a great trick, making a matchbox rise eerily from the back of his hand Randi talking Randi expounding some more
Randi posing Art imitates life, or the other way around?

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