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I will always have a soft spot in my heart (or is that in my head?) for Astronomy Magazine. I read the magazine when I was but a mildly impish astronomer, and it did a lot to inspire me to become what I am today. When I wanted to start writing, they were naturally the first place I turned. They published my article about Bad Astronomy in the movies in their April 1998 issue, and a career in writing was born. It was my first paid piece, and the editor hacked the heck out of it. When I wrote my book, I wanted to include the original article as the last chapter, and the folks at Astronomy agreed. You can read the article they way I wanted it to be there.

I wrote a few articles for the magazine over the years, but haven't written anything in the past couple of years. A lot of the things I wrote were archived on their web site, but for some reason they have taken a lot of older articles down. That's too bad; I really liked some of them! At some point I'll check my old contracts to see if I can post the articles here. Until then, mosey on over to the magazine Night Sky to see my more recent offerings.

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