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Sky and Telescope Magazine banner

Sky and Telescope is the premier magazine for people who are serious about amateur astronomy. It's also really good for those who want to learn more about astronomy in general. I have been a fan for a long, long time, so it was a thrill to be asked to write for them.

cover of May 2004 S&T issue My friend and editor Dave Tytell approached me at an astronomy meeting, asking if I'd like to write an article that would be a guide to gently debunking pseudoscience for amateur astronomers. I accepted gladly, and the result was "Pox Populi" (I will gloat; I made up that title and it's one of my favorites), published in the May 2004 issue. I really enjoyed writing the article, and I also thought the illustrations printed were perfect.

I have other ideas for them as well. Now I just need time to write them up and pitch them...

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