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Q&A from 1998

Here are the questions and answers I have from 1998.
  1. How does Hubble stay pointed at a target?
    (December 2, 1998)

  2. Is it possible for a giant black hole to crush under it's own gravity?
    (August 27, 1998)

  3. What would occur if one of the stars in a binary star system went supernova
    (September 22, 1998)

  4. Black hole questions...
    (June 1, 1998)

  5. Is it true that astronauts cannot cry in space?
    (March 19, 1998)

  6. What would it be like to fly through a rainbow?
    (June 26, 1998)

  7. Does light travel till infinity?
    (April 23, 1998)

  8. Can the cosmological parameters be determined from supernovae??
    (March 16, 1998)

  9. Why are satellites usually in the same orbital plane?
    (January 18, 1998)

  10. Is the universal expansion accelerating?
    (May 28, 1998)

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