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Q&A from 1999

Here are the questions and answers I have from 1999.
  1. A Black Hole is Born
    (February 8, 1999)

  2. Can a blackhole quickly slingshot you to near light speed toward a star?
    (September 11, 1999)

  3. Why do scientists think black holes can form wormholes?
    (January 7, 1999)

  4. Why doesn't the Big Bang model account for the isotropy of the CMBR?
    (May 4, 1999)

  5. Info on Full Moon of 12/22/99
    (December 19, 1999)

  6. How did Cassini establish the earth-sun distance?
    October 31, 1999)

  7. Infra Red and Water
    (October 29, 1999)

  8. Confusion over red shift
    (August 11, 1999)

  9. Would you know how many satellites are in orbit at this moment?
    (August 17, 1999)

  10. Shuttle cloud that is present before liftoff?
    (November 7, 1999)

  11. What does outer space feel like?
    (October 25, 1999)

  12. How can an Earth-like environment be simulated on a spacecraft?
    (October 10, 1999)

  13. Why doesn't the sun explode like when you start up a BBQ grill?
    (August 28, 1999)

  14. Universe looks the same from every direction, Could this be why?
    (July 13, 1999)

  15. Will the universe eventually cease to be?
    (August 23, 1999)

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